From Residents and Families

Mr. and Mrs. W.“Don and I were very pleased with the wonderful care and therapy that we received at Dogwood Village. The bright smiles and compassionate care helped with our recovery and allowed us to return home.”

– Mr. and Mrs. W.


Nancy K.

“Taking care of my aunt was a challenge we weren’t ready for. Aunt Philippa is at a point where she can no longer live at home, and yet she is so full of life. When we moved her into Dogwood Village Senior Living, she found a real community, a new home. She is content and secure now. Without exception, the staff at Dogwood is phenomenal. They genuinely care about each resident and create a welcoming, compassionate and positive environment that engages each individual in a very personal and nonjudgmental way. They are giving me the peace of mind I need for her safety, well-being and care.”

– Nancy K.

Virginia S.“I am very grateful for the compassionate care that the wonderful staff has provided since my admission to Dogwood Village Senior Living.”

– Virginia S.



Fred W.“My recovery with Dogwood Village has been amazing. I was too weak to walk following my hospital stay and have since fully recovered and enjoying life in the Senior Living facility.”

– Fred W.