Featured Resident

Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Mr. Robert (Bobby) Turner

September 29, 2017 — Mr. Robert (Bobby) Turner was born October 29, 1937 in Madison County, Virginia.  He was born into a large family with ten brothers and sisters. He attended Madison County schools and later served in the United States Army.  Mr. Turner loves to talk about the years he worked as an orderly at the Orange County... Read More

Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Julia Hodges Williams

September 29, 2017 — Julia Hodges Williams was born in Florida and was raised in Virginia to become a farmer. She had two siblings: Harriet and Bill. An alumnae of the College of William and Mary, Julia also attended the Adlerian Institute and received a graduate degree in psychology. She then became a teacher at Gryme’s Memorial School in... Read More

Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Betty Wright

September 1, 2017 — Betty Wright, who is the oldest of five siblings, was born in Liberty, South Carolina and was raised in Lyman, South Carolina. After graduating from high school, she attended Mars Hill College in North Carolina but graduated with a degree in English Literature from Furman College. Soon after graduation, she got married and had two... Read More

Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Penny Gallihugh

September 1, 2017 — Ms. Penny Gallihugh was born October 8, 1961 in Charlottesville, VA to Robert and Mary Gallihugh of Orange, Virginia; she has two brothers and three nieces. Penny attended Orange County High School and has worked for Kenfair, Liberty Fabric and MPS in Orange.  Penny and her mother, Mary Gallihugh, came to live at Dogwood Village... Read More

Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Myrtle Martin

July 31, 2017 — Myrtle Martin was born on September 14th at her grandparent’s dairy farm in Locust Grove. Myrtle was the third child of four; Walter, Lillian and Catherine. Upon graduating from Unionville High School, Myrtle became a beautician and began her life in Culpeper, Virginia. She met her husband Larman “Skiddy” Martin, who worked for the Town... Read More

Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Tina Nicholson

July 31, 2017 — Tina Nicholson was born September 30, 1973 in Charlottesville, Virginia to James and Mary Nicholson.  She has four brothers, two sisters and several nieces and nephews.  Tina was raised in Madison, VA and graduated from Madison County High School in 1991. After high school her family moved to Madison Run which is located in Gordonsville,... Read More

Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Mr. Scott Kennedy Rooth

June 30, 2017 — Mr. Scott Kennedy Rooth was born on October 26, 1951 in Dallas, Texas. His parents divorced when he was six years old and his mother moved him and his brother to Del Ray Florida. He attended boarding school in Massachusetts, the same school his father had attended as a child. In 1975 he graduated from... Read More

Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Roderick Knighton

June 30, 2017 — Roderick “Rod” Knighton was born and raised in Orange, Virginia. He was the youngest of 5 children; Evis, Lyell, Jack, and Janis. Mr. Knighton served in the United States Army and had the opportunity to travel. He has lived all over the world with some of his most interesting destinations being Japan and Vietnam. Following... Read More

Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Patricia Faulconer

June 1, 2017 — Mrs. Patricia Faulconer is a native to Orange County. She was born in her family home in Orange, VA along with her younger sister. While attending Orange County High School, Patricia dated her future husband, Donald. After graduation, she continued her education at Madison College (James Madison University) where she received a degree in Elementary... Read More

Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Ms. Patricia Yancey

June 1, 2017 — Ms. Patricia Yancey was born January 6, 1954 in Gordonville, Virginia, to James Edward and Hilda May Yancey.  She has three sisters and two brothers. Ms. Yancey graduated from Orange County High School in 1971. She enjoyed working at Main Street Meat Market in Orange, VA.  Ms. Yancey lived with her mother and grand-mother until... Read More