From Residents and Families

Barbara Garr“I have been very happy since moving to Dogwood Village. Staff have provided excellent care and I have enjoyed the wonderful activities as well as the good food. I have made many new friends and look forward to another year.”

– Barbara Garr

Kaye Lenn“I have been living at Dogwood Village for about six months and I am very pleased with the care that I receive as well as the meals. Staff have been most accommodating and I have enjoyed getting to know the other residents.”

– Kaye Lenn

Nancy Cammarata“I had knee surgery and was admitted to Dogwood Village H&R for a month to recover. The rehabilitation services were fantastic and staff enabled me to get back on my feet and helped me to get the range of motion back in my knee allowing me to shower and dress myself. The food was amazing and dining services even made me an omelet! Staff were very friendly and accommodating and I would recommend Dogwood Village any time.”

– Nancy Cammarata


Darnell Dillard and her grandchildren“I had a wonderful rehabilitation experience with Dogwood Village. Staff  helped me overcome many obstacles with mobility and selfcare. Thanks to the efforts of nursing and therapy services, I was able to return to my home where I live independently again.”

– Darnell Dillard

Mildred Ransom with Pam and George Hedrick“Dogwood Village provided wonderful care for my mom, Mildred Ransom who recently passed away after living there for 5 years. The care was exceptional and staff were always kind and helpful. We enjoyed the lovely grounds and delicious meals when visiting mom. My family and I will always be grateful for the amazing experience that we had at Dogwood Village.”

– Pam and George Hedrick

Joan Edwards“I have been very happy with my care since arriving at Dogwood Village Health and Rehabilitation. Staff have been very dependable and have provided all that I have needed for my recovery.”

– Joan Edwards

Mary Lou Baker“Living at Dogwood Village for the past two years has been a blessing for my family and myself. Staff have been very kind and helpful in providing a wonderful home and lots of activities.”

– Mary Lou Baker

Doris Smith“I have been a resident of Dogwood Village Senior Living for almost 12 years and the staff have always treated me like family. The kindness and compassion that I receive is truly amazing.”

– Doris Smith

Nancy Huffstickler“Dogwood Village has given me a wonderful home for almost eight years. Staff  treat me like family and go above and beyond to meet my social and physical needs.”

– Nancy Huffstickler

Barbara Bonnell“I am very happy with the care that I receive at Dogwood Village Health and Rehabilitation. Staff constantly show me kindness and compassion and I enjoy the wonderful activities.”

– Barbara Bonnell

Barbara Hutchinson“I have been very pleased since moving to Dogwood Village Senior Living almost 4 years ago. Staff are very kind and helpful as they offer compassion and kindness with every encounter. I have made many friends and look forward to each new day.”

– Barbara Hutchinson

The Colemans“Dogwood Village has provided a wonderful home for my wife and I for nearly four years. The great care and services have truly been a blessing for us.”

– Raymond Coleman

Susan Perdue“I have been in many rehabilitation centers in the area and Dogwood Village is the only facility that I would gladly return to. Many thanks to all of the staff for being there for me.”

– Susan Perdue

Mark Johnson“When my father was in his last days of his life and my mother fell and broke her hip, Dogwood Village was there to assist our family with the difficult issues of treatment and care for each of them. The entire team at Dogwood was extremely helpful and went out of their way to make it possible for my mom and dad to be together. Those last few shared hours were meaningful to my mother and our entire family.”

Mark Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Fincher“Dogwood Village has provided excellent care for my husband , Leon, on two occasions over the past 6 months. All departments were committed to outstanding customer service and wonderful hospitality. I truly appreciate the kindness and compassion that we received during his stay.”

– Diana Fincher

Christine Poticha“Dogwood Village offered me wonderful rehabilitation after my surgery. Staff were caring, kind and very helpful allowing me to return to my home after a week of therapy”.

– Christine Poticha

Peggy W.“I have received wonderful care since coming to Dogwood Village. Staff have been very kind and helpful and I have made many new friends”.

– Peggy W.

Fred W.“My recovery with Dogwood Village has been amazing. I was too weak to walk following my hospital stay and have since fully recovered and enjoying life in the Senior Living facility.”

– Fred W.