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Senior Living Resident Spotlight: Alexander Terrell Baskerville

Meet our friend Alexander Terrell Baskerville who joined our Senior Living Family on 3/9/2022. To all that know him he prefers to be called “Terrell”

Born in Lynchburg, Virginia. Terrell had 2 sisters and 1 brother.

Growing up his brother who is now deceased call him “Hard Rock,” when asking Terrell why that nickname?? He replied with a smile “guess I was hardheaded.”

Terrell attended Sunnyside McKenny High School and later graduated from Virginia Tech.

When being asked what he was extremely proud of in his life this is what he shared:

1. Holding the position as Orange County Administrator for 20 years.

2. He also served as County Administrator in two other counties.

3. His Children (2 daughters) and (1) son who have all grown up to be successful.

4. Being married to his lovely bride Elaine for 63 years and looking forward

to many more years together.

Terrell enjoyed playing golf, hunting and baseball, retired from the Army Reserves after 20 years of service, and was highly active in St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Orange.

If you have not met Terrell, make sure that you introduce yourself to him.


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