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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Barbara Hutchinson

Mrs. Barbara Hutchinson has spent the majority of her life in Orange County after moving back to her father’s home place. Through the years the unbreakable bond between Barbara, her younger brother and two younger sisters has only grown stronger as they’ve seen each other through some of the happiest as well as the hardest times of their lives.

Barbara married her high school sweetheart, Sidney “Lee” Hutchinson and not long after they were married Lee was drafted to serve in the Korean War. While Lee was away Barbara prepared their home for his return and to her delight Lee surprised her by coming home on Christmas Eve after 18 months overseas, giving her one the best gifts she could have ever asked for.

She and Lee retired during the late 1990’s and spent the next number of years enjoying each other’s company and every adventure life brought their way. For 56 years not, a day went by without the couple expressing how much they loved each other. There are many accomplishments she’s achieved in her life but nothing will ever surpass the love and pride Barbara took in her marriage. Barbara is pictured with Pam Rothgeb, RMA.


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