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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Dorothy Garnett

Dorothy Garnett was born in Alberene in Albemarle County which is now known as North Garden. She lived with her Dad and Mom, Morton and Annie Norford and eventually moved to Orange County and lived on Blue Run Farm. Dorothy was the middle sibling and had two sisters Frances and Jean.

Some of her fondest childhood memories was her and her sisters playing with dolls and their many adventures on the farm. Dorothy graduated from Orange High School and worked for Longwood College and then for the Virginia Treasury.

She married George Garnett at a very young age. George was in the Army and fought in the Korean War. Dorothy and George moved to Kentucky, Charlottesville, Farmville, and finally settled in their dream home in Quinque. After leaving the Army George worked as a manager at Safeway. Although Dorothy never had children of her own, she has always thought a great deal of her niece, 2 great-nieces, 2 great-great nephews and 1 great-great niece.

Dorothy loved to travel, sew, crochet, and make homemade ice cream. Dorothy’s niece Connie told of a story that when she graduated high school, Dorothy and George took her to Nova Scotia as her graduation gift. Her great-niece Samantha remembers them making the best homemade strawberry and banana ice cream. Her great-niece Belinda said Dorothy promised her, her set of Little House on the Prairie Book Series as soon as Belinda learned how to read, and Dorothy stuck to her word and gifted her the books because that’s just the type of person she is!


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