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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Jay R. Marshall

Mr. Jay Marshall, resident in Senior Living, was born on a farm in Arcola, Virginia, where he grew up with four younger siblings. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served on the USS Los Angeles for two years during WWII. Following the war, he worked at a soil conservation company for a few years, leaving to study at Virginia Tech. After graduation, he returned to the soil conservation company and later went to work for General Mills, where he met his wife, Barbara. They were married in 1955 and moved to Orange County where Jay started his own milk hauling business. Jay and his wife had three children- two sons who live in Orange County and one daughter who lives in Tennessee. In 1979, Jay and his two sons, Keith, and Chris, purchased a dairy farm in Unionville with 64 cows. Today, the farm has been transformed into an organic dairy farm with over 800 cows! Jay says his greatest accomplishments are the milk hauling business and the Marshall Dairy Farm. Today, Jay enjoys being with his family, taking trips to his farm, visiting his horses, and listening to country music.


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