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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Len Deeds

Our fellow Villager, Mr. Len Deeds is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania where he grew up with his doting parents as well as his sister Joyce and brother, Richard. Len attended Cathedral Preparatory School for boys and went on to further his education at Ganon University before having to leave to assist his father in running a gas station he had purchased after retiring from the military as a Lt. Commander.

Len served in the US Navy reserve for 15 years after his father swore him in at the age of 18. Mr. Deeds still vividly remembers the day he met his lovely wife, Mary, he described it as such, “it was a rainy day and I had nothing to do and my best friend asked if I wanted to go on a ride with him and his girl and so I went and when I got in the backseat there was another girl and she was the most beautiful woman I ever saw and later she became my wife.”

Len and his wife married and had 7 children and life was always busy. Len worked for the GE Apprentice Program and later Rigid Tools where he was instrumental in opening the plant here in Orange. Mary worked for an insurance company in the claims department. The lovely couple shared a wonderful marriage of over 50 years before Mary’s passing. Len has traveled the world and accomplished many things but nothing will ever compare to marrying the love of his life and having a beautiful family.


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