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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Peggy Woodward

Mrs. Peggy Woodward, born Peggy Sisk, has spent the majority of her life in or around Orange County. Being the only child, Peggy’s parents doted over their darling daughter. After graduating Orange County High School Peggy went into the work force. Early on Peggy worked in a flower shop before moving into her calling of banking. To much surprise, Peggy had met her future husband in just the 1st grade and it was love at first sight she says.

Peggy and Edward shared a love unlike any other even while they worked as one another’s competitors. Together the couple spent 63 years making memories and opening their home to any child in need. Outside of her marriage and community outreach Peggy has always enjoyed activities such as reading, floral design and animals.

When asked what her biggest accomplishment in her life has been, the answer was simple, “I allowed God to be in control of my life and that allowed blessings to come as well as the marriage to my husband Edward.”


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