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Volunteer Spotlight – Kim Deloriea

Dogwood Village of Orange County would like to recognize Kim Deloriea for her contributions to the facility. Kim is currently employed by Dogwood Village as a Physical Therapy Assistant after receiving an Associate of Applied Sciences from Maria College in Albany, New York. Kim has been employed by Dogwood Village for more than 20 years and is married and lives in Orange County with her husband, Ricci.

The couple have 2 sons, Eric and Jacob, who have finished school and moved out of the area. When the boys were in middle school, they started a recycling program with Dogwood Village Senior Living, picking up newspapers weekly and taking them to the recycling center with the assistance of their mom.

After her sons went on to college, Kim continued the recycling efforts. Kim enjoys gardening and watching sports in her spare time. Kim is pictured as she picks up newspapers from Senior Living to take to the recycling center.


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