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Answers to some of the most asked questions.

Do you allow pets in the facility?

We encourage visitors to bring pets as long as they are under control. Residents are not allowed to keep pets in the facility.

Do you allow smoking in the facility?

Only residents who were previously admitted are allowed to smoke. Anyone admitted at this time is unable to smoke.

Staff are able to smoke in designated areas only.

Can residents go out for overnight visits with family or friends?

If a resident is admitted under their Medicare benefit, overnight visits are not billable. If a resident is under their Medicaid benefit, the facility can bill up to 18 days in a year. Assisted living residents are allowed overnight visits at any time and are billed for the days that they are out of the facility.

Do you have scheduled visiting hours?

The facility allows visitation at any time. If it is after normal operating hours, you should inform the nurse that you are expecting a visitor. The visitor will be assisted when they arrive at the facility.

Are your rooms furnished?

Skilled rehab rooms and nursing home rooms are furnished; however, most people bring in some personal items, such as a favorite chair or TV. The senior living facility rooms are not furnished. Individuals will be able to bring furnishings from home as long as they fit safely in the unit.

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