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Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Agnes Carpenter

Our Resident Spotlight for the month of May is Ms. Agnes Carpenter. Agnes was born July 7, 1937, in Charlottesville, Virginia; She has one brother and three sisters.

Agnes grew up in Orange County and graduated from George Washington Carver Regional High School in Culpeper, VA.

After graduation Agnes worked in and around the town of Orange as a nanny, cook and housekeeper. She especially enjoyed helping to raise young children.

Agnes has three daughters, three grandchildren and one great grandchild. She loves to socialize, participates in a large variety of scheduled programs; She loves to play bingo, participates in monthly Master Gardner’s garden club and works on her puzzle books during her leisure time. Agnes also enjoys attending music programs and loves to sing hymns. Agnes has been a resident at our facility since May 2015.


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