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Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Ms. Irene Silberski

Ms. Irene Silberski was born on January 26, 1930 in Higginsville, West Virginia (Hampshire Co.) to George Hamilton Day and Maude Unstot Day. She was born into a close family of five children; Irene being the middle child. She was raised in Points, West Virginia and graduated from Romney High School in Romney, WV. She later attended Morgantown University.

After her father passed away, her family moved to Cumberland, MD. She married Mr. Julian Schounter in 1950 and raised five children (three boys and two girls) in Northern Virginia.

Ms. Silberski worked for a doctor’s office for many years while she was raising her family. After her husband of twenty five years passed away she married Mr. Robert Silberski. She gained two stepsons from this union. Ms. Silberski loves flowers, enjoys flower arranging and participates in our monthly Master Gardner’s Garden Club.

She enjoys reading, playing bingo, watching movies, spending time with family and friends and socializing with others throughout the day. She is known for her bright colored clothing and vibrant smile. Ms. Silberski has been a resident at Dogwood Village since May of 2016.


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