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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Alice Wells

Mrs. Alice Wells immigrated to the United States from the Czech Republic with her mother and brother at the age of 13. Her father had been living in New York City for 3 years saving money to bring them over.

Alice had a love for motion pictures since her arrival in the United States and amazingly learned how to speak English by watching movies in the theatres.

After graduating high school Alice went on to Beauty School and became a hair dresser, styling the hair of individuals such as Mamie Eisenhower and modeling wigs for high end beauty suppliers.

Alice met her husband, Henry through her aunt and though they married only 6 weeks after meeting each other they enjoyed a beautiful marriage spanning nearly 60 years. Alice has 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Alice takes much pride in her children and grandchildren pursuing a higher education that was never available to her.

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