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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Dottie Burke

Mrs. Dottie Burke born Dottie Halvorsen, was born and raised in Flushing, New York just outside Long Island with her parents and older sister Ruth. While attending teaching college Dottie met her husband Robert Burke on a blind date at West Point.

Mrs. Burke’s husband was a Career Army Officer and later a member of the News Paper Editor’s Association. As a wife and mother life kept Dottie very busy as the family moved approximately 20 times including a year spent in a small village in Italy. Over the span of 62 years Dottie and Robert welcomed 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

A lifelong love for knitting, crocheting, and quilting began at age 4 while Dottie spent time with her mother in her knitting shop. Despite all the traveling and experiences she’s had in life nothing has ever compared to the joy brought by raising her four children.


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