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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – John Nixon

John Nixon was born and raised in Queens, New York. He attended Brooklyn Technical High School where received an excellent education. He lived in Queens for twenty-two years before marrying his wife, Carolyn.

John and Carolyn were married for a wonderful fifty-three years. They met through his cousin, who went to beautician school with Carolyn.

Carolyn was a beautician and once their children went off to college, she became the executive secretary for Este Lauder in New York.

Together they had three sons named David, Allen, and Christopher. John is the grandfather to four and a great grandfather to five. His occupation was a field salesman for electrical distribution equipment. He was never in active duty, but he retired as a chief petty officer in the Naval Reserve. Throughout his life, John has enjoyed collecting stamps and traveling. He says his greatest accomplishment in life is his marriage with his amazing wife.


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