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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Peggy Fitch

Peggy Fitch was born and raised in Orange County, Virginia. In fact, she has lived here in Orange her entire life! She grew up with two sisters and one brother. While attending Orange County High School, Peggy met a guy named Billy Fitch and began dating him. Peggy married her high school sweetheart, Billy, in 1954.

Billy worked as an engineer for the government and Peggy was a bank teller. Together they raised four children named Charles, William, Kathleen, and James.

Peggy is the grandmother to seven, and a great grandmother to several. She says she did not have much time for hobbies as she was raising four kids, but she loves to play Bridge. She belongs to Orange Presbyterian Church. Peggy says her greatest accomplishment in life is raising four beautiful children whom she is proud of.


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