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Volunteer Spotlight, Crystal Dudley Burton

Dogwood Village would like to recognize Crystal Dudley Burton for her contributions as a volunteer. Crystal’s family has been in the area for over 100 years. Crystal spent summers in Orange as she was growing up and later moved to Virginia full time to work with her father Greg Dudley at Alcova Mortgage. Crystal married Sonny Burton last summer and they enjoy traveling whenever they can get away.

Crystal shared that her grandparents played a pivotal role in her life and were always an example of what true happiness looks like. They were a large part of their community and showed her how to treat others and care for those in need. She was introduced to the Gordon House and Dogwood Village as a young girl by her grandmother who was a volunteer. She would assist her as she spent time oil painting or doing wheelchair aerobics with the residents. Crystal loves visiting older adults, listening and learning from them. She feels so blessed to still have her grandmother around to spend time with and keep their legacy going by volunteering.


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