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Volunteer Spotlight – Fred Wease

Dogwood Village would like to recognize Fred Wease for his contributions to the facility.

Mr. Wease grew up near Mount Vernon, Virginia. During the Great Depression, his father moved his family to Fairfax County. In 1943 Fred was drafted into the Army after which he was sent to Richmond, Virginia and then to Shelby, Mississippi as a 2nd Gunner and Ammunition Carrier in the 69th Infantry. Fred served his country until 1945 and received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Prisoner of War metals for his service to his country.

Fred has two daughters and two step-daughters. He has multiple grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. He has been a volunteer with Dogwood Village for over 25 years and he currently resides in Dogwood Village Senior Living.

Fred continues to share his life stories with his friends and neighbors and looks forward to participating in many activities such as bingo, parties, and musical events. He enjoys spending time with his family and staff and keeps a very positive outlook on life


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