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Volunteer Spotlight – Peggy Woodward

Dogwood Village would like to recognize Peggy Woodward for her contributions to the facility. Peggy was born in Rappahannock County and moved to Orange with her parents when she was seven years old. She graduated from Orange County High School and married her sweetheart Ed Woodward a few years later.

Peggy and Ed worked for local banks and purchased a home in the town of Orange. The couple attended Orange Baptist Church and also supported Little Zion Baptist Church where they had many friends. Peggy has always enjoyed floral crafts and assists the Activity Department staff in Senior Living with decorating for holidays. Peggy also enjoys visiting residents in the facility who were her friends and neighbors in the community.

Peggy moved to Dogwood Village last year after her husband passed away. She is pictured with resident Alice Lumsden who is a great friend.


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