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Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Ms. Margaret “Peggy” Crane

Ms. Margaret “Peggy” Crane was born in Culpeper County Virginia to Margaret and Buck Smoot and has two brothers. Peggy graduated from Culpeper High School and worked as a deputy clerk for Culpeper Board of Supervisors for twenty-five years.

She was a member of the clerk’s association, bowled on a bowling league in Culpeper and is member of Culpeper Methodist Church.

Peggy has four children, two boys and two girls. During her leisure time Peggy enjoys reading and playing bingo. She also likes to socialize with others throughout the day; she said “people are interesting”. Peggy is a big Redskins fan and enjoys talking to others about her favorite team. Peggy has been a resident at Dogwood Village since June 2017.


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