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Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Ms. Patricia Yancey

Ms. Patricia Yancey was born January 6, 1954 in Gordonville, Virginia, to James Edward and Hilda May Yancey. She has three sisters and two brothers. Ms. Yancey graduated from Orange County High School in 1971. She enjoyed working at Main Street Meat Market in Orange, VA. Ms. Yancey lived with her mother and grand-mother until her mother passed away; she then lived with her sister, Betsy, before becoming a resident of Dogwood Village in March of 2016. Ms. Yancey likes to stay active. She loves flower arranging, working on her crossword puzzles, playing bingo and socializing with others throughout the day. Ms. Yancey is also active in church activities at Open Bible Fellowship Church in Ruckersville, Virginia.


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