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Health & Rehab Resident Spotlight – Penny Gallihugh

Penny Gallihugh was born and raised in Orange County, Virginia. She is the middle child; she has two brothers. She also has four nieces, one nephew and several great nieces she is very proud of. Penny attended Orange County High School. After school she went to work at The American Silk Mill and later worked at Liberty Fabrics and MPS.

Penny is known for her sense of fashion, large hat collection and vibrant jewelry. She is a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Monrovia.

She likes to keep busy and participates in a large variety of programs but during her leisure time she enjoys working on puzzles, watching dvd’s in her room and spending time with her family and friends. Her mother, Mary Gallihugh, is also a resident at our facility and shared a room with Penny.


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