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Resident Spotlight: Ms. Joan Edwards

Ms. Joan Edwards has always loved animals. When Joan was raising her own children, they delighted in their menagerie, including dogs, a cat, horses, ponies, a lamb, ducks, chickens, a rabbit, a guinea pig, hamsters, canaries, finches, ring-necked doves, goldfish and even a little white mouse.

Joan began writing short stories while raising her children and has recently had a book published containing some of her short stories. The title of her book is “Willow Tree Pond Stories and Poems” (available for sale on Amazon). The short stories are sweet, funny and inspiring with illustrations by her son, David Lewis Edwards. It is her hope that this book will spark in children an appreciation of the natural world and the delightful individuality of each creature.

Joan has been a resident of Dogwood Village Health & Rehab since April 2021. She volunteers her time monthly and reads to other residents during “Short Stories by Joan & Coloring” held in the main dining room. We encourage you to join us in the Main Dining Room as we listen to some of her stories this month.


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