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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Alice Lumsden

Our dear friend, Mrs. Alice Lumsden with a heart of gold and larger than life personality has spent her life in Orange County and has never met a stranger that didn’t later become a friend.

She, along with her two brothers and five sisters enjoyed a simple but happy life growing up. Alice graduated from Orange County High School and later met her husband while he was serving as part of the Military Police in the United States Air Force.

She spent her life caring for children, including her 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. As if they weren’t enough to keep herself busy Alice was in charge of Orange Baptist Church’s nursery for nearly 60 years. She was able to care for the babies of the children she had looked after while they were infants themselves.

During her time not tending to her large family and small children Alice enjoyed knitting scarves and doing Minnie Pearl impersonations. At anytime time at all she’s happy to tell you, “HOWDEEEEEEYY, I’m just as proud to be here.”


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