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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Boots Lenn

Boots Lenn was born and raised until the age of fourteen in Barto, Florida. He grew up surrounded by three older brothers and two sisters. He attended the University of Montana, where he received his bachelor’s degree in physical education.

He then moved on to the Medical College of Virginia, now known as Virginia Commonwealth University, where he became a registered physical therapist. Boots has no children of his own but is a wonderful uncle to two nephews and two nieces. In his free time, Boots has loved watching baseball, flying, and traveling throughout his life.

He belongs to the American Physical Therapy Association and has been a member of Presbyterian churches all across the country. Boots was drafted to the Army as a young man at age eighteen where he served a total of fifteen months at Fort Bliss in El Paso. He says his greatest and most enjoyable accomplishment in life was getting his pilots license and earning 2,000 hours of pilot time.


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