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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Herbert Breeden

Mr. Herbert Breeden grew up in Greene County along with his 8 brothers and sisters. Mr. Breeden’s mother passed when he was a young boy so the siblings relied largely on each other while growing up. Herbert left school at an early age and began working at a dairy farm until he moved to Orange County.

Quite regularly Herbert could be found dining at a restaurant in town, where he just so happened to meet his future wife Virginia. Herbert and Virginia had 4 children, Beverly, Dale, Debbie and Herbie. Both Herbert and Virginia worked for the Orange County Public School system for over 30 years. Though he has done and seen many things in his life nothing quite compares to the joy brought to him by his marriage to his wife Virginia. While he wasn’t working Mr. Breeden could be found fishing or collecting rare coins.

One of his most treasured memories was a fishing multiple week long fishing trip to Alaska, ironically enough Mr. Breeden doesn’t like to eat fish, he enjoys the thrill of the catch. For decades Herbert also raced cars and tinkered on any vehicle he could get his hands on. Many things could be said of Mr. Breeden but simply put he’s a quiet man with a heart of gold, and in the words of his daughter Dale, “There’s never been anything in my life that I’ve asked for that he didn’t give me if he could.”


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