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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Irmgard Sames

Mrs. Irmgard Sames, formerly known as Irmgard Neeb, meaning “unforgettable” was born and raised in Germany along with her three sisters and one brother. Irmgard met and married her husband RG Sames, a United States Army officer shortly after World War II.

Together the couple had four children who in turn gave them 8 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren and 5 great great-grandchildren. After moving to the States Irmgard worked for the PX at Ft. Belvoir in Northern Virginia in the sales department.

Since moving to Orange from Woodbridge Mrs. Sames has become a very active neighbor here at Dogwood Village involving herself in activities such as BINGO, exercise and Catholic Communion, but something her neighbors may not be aware of is her amazing cooking abilities, especially German dishes and Christmas cookies were always found in an abundance in her home. With her smile and zeal for life she certainly is one unforgettable friend and neighbor.


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