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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Julia Hodges Williams

Julia Hodges Williams was born in Florida and was raised in Virginia to become a farmer. She had two siblings: Harriet and Bill. An alumnae of the College of William and Mary, Julia also attended the Adlerian Institute and received a graduate degree in psychology. She then became a teacher at Gryme’s Memorial School in Orange, VA. Eventually, she started her own school that is still in operation: Treehouse Kindergarten in Sheffield, Alabama.

Later on, Julia met her husband Peter–also a farmer–in a restaurant in Culpeper. They were married for almost 35 years and had two children: Laura and Edward. Julia has two grandchildren in high school: Garrett (Laura’s) and Dylan (Edward’s).

Before coming to Senior Living, Julia lived in a house that both she and her husband built on the Rapidan River. She also volunteered to teach English to older adults.

Julia enjoys gardening and coin collecting. According to her, she is very proud of her husband’s accolades and that “starting [her] own school with a huge tree in the middle of it and raising her two children into independent and happy adults” are her biggest accomplishments in life.

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