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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Marjorie “Irwin” Sherman

Marjorie “Irwin” Sherman was raised in Roanoke, Virginia by David, and Elise Moomaw. Irwin had 2 sisters: Gene, who died at a young age, and Elise, who was 7 years younger. She lived in Roanoke for 19 years and graduated from William Fleming High School. She started to attend Business College in Roanoke but did not finish because of meeting the love of her life, Welford Sherman at a dance at VPI. Irwin and Welford married in 1942 and they were married 68 years.

Welford graduated from VPI and then went to Harvard and MIT for Civil Engineering. Irwin traveled with him until he enlisted in the Army and was sent to war during WWII. They had not been married long and upon Welford’s homecoming from WWII; they shook hands, instead of embracing, since they were newlyweds when he left.

Welford and Irwin had 3 children: Rebecca, David, and Nancy. Their son David died at the age of 8 of cancer of the optical nerve. Irwin enjoys and collects butterflies in his memory to this day. Welford and Irwin were owners and inn keepers of the President Madison Inn until the late 1970’s when they sold it. Welford inherited his father’s heating and air conditioning company, the W.A. Sherman Company. Irwin was a secretary at Woodberry Forest and also tells a story about working as the first administrator of Orange County Nursing Home. She stated, “I was not certified, and they wanted someone who had a background in Nursing, but I stood in until they found someone”.

Irwin’s hobbies include golfing, playing bridge, and crafting. Her daughter Nancy stated “Mom was raised during the depression, and she could make something out of nothing. My favorite craft she made me was a beautiful Christmas Tree made from chenille stems and she used beads, earrings and old jewelry as the ornaments.” Irwin continues to enjoy crafting and makes Christmas ornaments and paints birdhouses to give to her family and friends. Irwin is an amazing storyteller and a big jokester. When asked what her biggest accomplishment in life is, she stated “my children, Rebecca Emouf, who was an office manager and Nancy Burton, who was a Medical Technician.” Both daughters now reside in Richmond. Irwin also has 5 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Irwin has always been known for not being afraid to try anything and she instilled the same values in her children and grandchildren.


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