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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth

Two became one 60 years ago this month. Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth have spent three times the number of years married than when they met. Their story began when they met on a blind date while both were attending the University of Richmond where fate brought them together. Peggy is originally from Norfolk, VA and Mr. Butterworth spent his childhood in Fairmont, NC.

Mrs. Butterworth worked as a teacher, educating children from elementary through high school while Mr. Butterworth practiced as a Dentist. Together the couple raised four boys who have given them three granddaughter and two grandsons, one of which will graduate this year to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps in becoming a teacher. When they weren’t working Peggy could be found knitting or sewing or watching sports while Dick enjoyed nothing more than coaching a variety of Little League Sports. Nothing quite compares to the joy brought to Peggy while raising their boys or the contentment Dick felt after having coached so many children.


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