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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Myrtle Martin

Myrtle Martin was born on September 14th at her grandparent’s dairy farm in Locust Grove. Myrtle was the third child of four; Walter, Lillian and Catherine. Upon graduating from Unionville High School, Myrtle became a beautician and began her life in Culpeper, Virginia. She met her husband Larman “Skiddy” Martin, who worked for the Town of Culpeper and volunteered at Brandy Station Fire Department. Skiddy and Myrtle had one child, William, who is currently the director of the Valentine Museum in Richmond. Myrtle has always enjoyed traveling and has been to Hawaii, Europe, and Alaska. The most exciting thing that she has done in her life was watching a volcano erupt in Honolulu, Hawaii. Throughout her life, she has volunteered at Culpeper Hospital and Mitchel’s Presbyterian Church. If she was to give a piece of advice to the younger generations, she believes that “it is a big, wonderful world, and she wishes everyone could enjoy our beautiful world together.” In other words, “love one another.”


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