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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Phillipa Mae Faudree Brown

Phillipa Mae Faudree Brown was born in Grassland, VA. Her mother and father ran a country store and post office along with raising their brood of 8 children. Mrs. Brown grew up along side her 3 brothers and 4 sisters of which she was the second to oldest.

At the age of 19 Phil moved from Grassland to Hampton, VA where she met and married her husband Kenneth Brown while working as a payroll clerk at Roses. Kenneth had served in the United States Air Force and later took a job working in Procurement for the United States Federal Government.

Phil later began a job at NASA at Langley where she worked as a math technician. For the next 25 years Phil helped advance her country by assisting with sending man into outer space. When the time for retirement came upon them Phil and her husband chose to retire of the same day and began spending their golden years traveling all over the United States. Phil and her husband spent 48 wonderful years together before his passing. After her husband’s passing Phil bought her families homeplace and spent the next 30 years there. In 101 years of life Phil is most proud of living a good, long, healthy life.


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