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Senior Living Resident Spotlight – Zeke and Ann Tomlinson

Zeke and Ann Tomlinson have spent the majority of their lives in Orange County though Ann was raised in Lahore and Zeke spent the very first few years of his life in Charlottesville. Ann is one of 11 children while Zeke is one of three. Both Zeke and Ann are graduates of Orange County High School.

The couple met at a restaurant and dance hall which they both visited regularly before getting married. Zeke went on to serve in a MASH unit during the Korean War and later went to work for Acme Visible Records where he was a designer.

Ann was a homemaker and provided bookkeeping services for individuals. The couple has three children, Beth, Wilma and Howard. In his spare time Zeke was a very participant of the Fire Company, a Mason and the Antique Car Club of America. One of Zeke’s greatest accomplishments in life has been his restorations of classic cars, one of which is currently on display at the local James Madison Museum. Ann is most proud of her loving marriage with Zeke and raising their children into the amazing people they have become.


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