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Volunteer Spotlight – Hubert Compton

Dogwood Village would like to recognize Hubert Compton for his contributions to the facility.

Hubert has enjoyed many years flying airplanes and has received special recognition for his safe flights and hours that he has flown. He is the recipient of the very prestigious Wright Brother’s Master Pilots Award and has housed his plane at the Orange County Airport since 1970.

Hubert is married and lives in Orange County with his wife Lu and daughter Lynn. He is a member of the Orange Baptist Church and worked for Nationwide Insurance company for many years. Hubert is also a Virginia Aviation Ambassador and loves to talk to others about flying. He was a member of the Safety Board Foundation for about 12 years. Hubert owns a plane and has taken hundreds of individuals for rides. He visits Dogwood Village residents and shares his many adventures with residents. Hubert is pictured with resident Fred Wease during a visit to the Orange Airport.


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