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Volunteer Spotlight – Mariya Zlyden

Dogwood Village would like to recognize Mariya Zlyden for her contributions to the facility. Mariya was born in Dnipro, Ukraine and moved to Odessa with her family when she was 13 years old. Mariya is a 15-year-old exchange student attending OCHS working in a FLEX program (Future Leaders Exchange).

The Academic Year in America Foundation was able to find the placement opportunity for Mariya which included a volunteer experience.

Mariya selected Dogwood Village because of her love and passion for seniors. She has been very impressed with the care and compassion that residents receive in the facility. Mariya enjoys music, hiking, poetry and cooking. She would like to return to the United States after finishing high school and attend college. Mariya is pictured with Dogwood Village resident Pat Faulconer as she assists with an activity.


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